Solid Wall Insulation

Grant Funding for Solid Wall Insulation

The latest Eco scheme sees a significant increase in the level of Funding available for Solid Wall Insulation. This coupled with demand increasing for the measure means the cost of installation is also falling, making the cost of the Solid Wall Insulation more afforable and more within reach. Especially if you were looking to replace the render on your property, why not complete the insulation at the same time!

The most effectuve way of reducing heat in a solid wall property is to insulate the exterior of the property with Solid Wall Insulation. Exterior Solid Wall Insulation involves applying an insulation system to exterior of your property with a weatherproofing and new render finish, of which you can choose. 

For some properties, Solid Wall Insualtion may require planning permission and laising with other services if you have these on the exterior of your property however your installer will take charge of all work involved to faciliate these services.