Roof Insulation

Grant Funding for Roof Insulation

It is commonly reported that a third of your heat is lost through your roof, however this statistic can be quite frustrating for those with tricky roof spaces such as having a Room built into your roof. Especially since previous grant schemes have not enabled funding in majority for this type of roof construction. However with new funding schemes in place we are pleased to help facilitate funding for Room in Roof insulation under Eco.

So what are the benefits and what does it entail? Room in Roof insulation is where insulation boarding is installed in-between the rafters and underneath the existing plasterboard walls to help keep the heat inside. This acts a protective layer to keep the heat in your home longer, and the cold out. The benefits are reported to be felt immediately in the overall cosiness of the room and as time goes on and your heating starts to click off sooner – the benefits are soon seen in the reduction of your Energy Bills. The bill savings for a typical semi-detached house are reported at as much as £11.25p a month!

Loft Insulation

Insulation applied between the joists on the floor of your loft is also a measure which can attract grant funding, although this measure has been available for funding for a number of years we still receive a wealth of enquiries from customers who find themselves popping away the Christmas decorations and seeing that their insulation is inadequate.  

Loft Insulation is at it’s most effective when topped up to 270mm, your installer will also insulate all pipes above insulation level, any working water tanks and your hatch too.