Child Benefit included in Insulation and Heating Funding under new Scheme

Child Benefit Included for Insulation and Heating Funding under Eco 3

While I write this blog post, it’s winter, the heating is clicking on every hour or so and my son is currently crawling around by my feet - a common sight I’m sure for us working parents fitting extra hours of work in-between school runs, laundry mountain and a hundred other things we’ve probably only just remembered we were meant to do.

While I feel privileged to be able to fit in extra work around my child needs, it does leave me with high energy bills and with a Semi-Detached Solid Brick House we simply cannot comprise to have the heating off as it’s simply too uncomfortable for youngest member of the family to thrive in.

Numerous schemes have come and gone but none have ever really addressed the issue of Solid Wall Houses for families in receipt of Child Benefit, instead the schemes have had a focus on homeowners in receipt of Child Tax Credits (along with other benefits).

However the Eco scheme has recently had a revamp in it’s focus and while it still supports funding those in receipt of Child Tax Credits among other benefits, the biggest change for the scheme is for the first time since the start of Eco in 2013 – Child Benefit is being included as a means to receive aid. There are a few extra qualifications needed which depend on your overall income to ensure that the financial aid is going to those in need (see below caps), however this is a huge step forward to tackling fuel poverty outside those who do not qualify for benefits.

All of our installers have access to further qualify you for the scheme, feel free to contact via the 'Indivduals' Page and we can pop you in touch with an approved, qualified installer in your area who will for no cost at all help you understand if you qualify for the scheme and if your proerty is suitable via a free, no obligation survey.

Child Benefit 1 Adult 1 Child 1 Adult 2 Children 1 Adult 3 Children 1 Adult 4 Children +
£18500* £23000* £27500* £32000*
2 Adults 1 Child 2 Adults 2 Children 2 Adult 3 Children 2 Adults 4 Children +
£25500* £30000* £34500* £39000*

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